Monthly Wash Pass Terms & Conditions

Monthly wash pass provides a package of washes (and vacuum credits where available) on a monthly basis in each month that the pass is renewed.  The monthly wash pass automatically renews until Customer cancels the service via the app.  United Auto Wash reserves the right to cancel, amend, or change the program as it feels necessary. Membership can be cancelled at anytime. No refunds or credits will be given for partial periods. United Auto Wash reserves the right to close the wash at times due to adverse weather conditions or due to maintenance with or without notice. The monthly wash pass price is per vehicle washed at our facilities. Customer understands that washing another vehicle with your monthly wash pass bar code will result in that vehicle being added to your monthly wash pass family plan automatically and agrees to the associated increase in monthly charges. By enrolling in the monthly wash pass program, I agree that the credit/debit card provided can be charged automatically via auto renewal. I also agree that I waive any and all right to withhold or delay payment of the related charges, whether as described in my agreement with the card issuer or otherwise. The monthly wash pass cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions.  NOTE: you must register a credit/debit card within the app before you can use the monthly wash pass even if you paid at the pay station.

Special Terms by Site:

1021 Graham Rd

 The Monthly Wash Pass plan pricing is per vehicle washed.  Each pass includes 15 washes and 50 vacuum credits.  

4119 State Rd

Currently in testing.  Each pass includes a set number of washes per month based on the pass that you purchase.  To add a vehicle to your plan, simply wash that vehicle and we will automatically add an additional vehicle with associated charges to your family plan.

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