Fundraising Overview

Watch the video overview of the fundraising program and then scroll down below the video to submit for your fundraising promotion.

Fund Raising for Local Organizations

United Auto Wash is committed to supporting our community and our local non-profit organizations.  Our fund raising program is designed for the 21st century and is all electronic and is optimized for smartphone purchases.  It is just three simple steps.  

First, pick a 7 day fund raising window at least 10 days in advance. Second, have all of your members share a custom shopping link on their social media accounts that we provide to you for car wash purchases (Purchases include monthly wash passes, individual washes, gift washes, and electronic stored value cards). Third, collect 25% of all purchases made during your 7 day fund raising campaign.  

It really is that easy.  Just click the button below to schedule your fund raiser and then get loud on your social media accounts.

Register a Fund Raiser